The stations for electric vehicles DC Raption Series incorporate screens of Iberhermes


As DigitalAV points out in its article, Circontrol smart chargers for electric vehicles have an 8 ”touch screen and a ZXY110 touch controller.

Touch technology of high performance and reliability of the specialist Zytronic, with an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, are some of the elements that incorporates the DC Raption series of smart chargers for electric vehicles developed by Circontrol.

Iberhermes, distributor of Zytronic in Iberia and specialist in touch screen solutions, has selected for these devices the touch sensor ZYBX 8.5 ”, developed specifically for use in self-service outdoor applications for its high and reliable performance, and the ZXY110 controller, for its innovative EMI ‘noise’ immunity technology and its gesture recognition functionality.

As Xavier Bel, director of Iberhermes explains, “we have a long relationship with Circontrol and we are delighted to offer the customized touch screen solution for its latest Raption series chargers. Zytronic touch technology is ideal for this, since its reliability has been proven in similar self-service applications worldwide. ”

Specifically, for this Circontrol project “they asked us for a unique design for the Raption charger, and we worked closely with Zytronic to design a custom printed touch screen, which also incorporated UV and IR filters to help thermal management of the terminal load and protect the underlying screen, ”says Xavier Bel.

On the other hand, Ian Crosby, director of sales and marketing of Zytronic, emphasizes that “the increasing popularity of electric vehicles makes charging stations increasingly common in parking lots, airports, hotels, etc. Like the touch screens of vending machines, wayfinders, ATMs and kiosks, the choice of touch technology at these loading points is essential for the reliable long-term performance of the kiosks. Our collaboration with Iberhermes is based on the ability to design and manufacture touch screens exactly tailored to each project, regardless of the quantity required, and to deliver them exactly when necessary. ”

Víctor Hernando, product manager of Circontrol, explains that “charging stations for electric cars must be robust enough to work in any weather conditions, all year round, and provide the customer with a simple use; A key attribute of our Raption series. When installed mainly outdoors, in unattended places, we select components that offer that easy use, regardless of weather conditions, and Zytronic’s touch technology has marked all the boxes in this regard.”